The dictionary on kitesurfing gives the definition of all the technical terms related to kitesurfing. It is also a glossary that translates the English vocabulary in French kiteboard. Technical terms are explained in detail for a beginner to start kiteboarding in good conditions. It is a practical lexicon to watch again and again as soon as you lack a vocabulary word.

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Underpowered -  The condition of having insufficient power from the kite. This can be a result of insufficient wind, choosing a kite that is too small for the current wind, rigging incorrectly, having a kiteboard that is too small, the presence water current in the same direction as the wind, not riding fast enough, etc. A kitesurfer who is continuously diving the kite and sending it back up in a sine-wave pattern is usually underpowered.
Unhooked -  When a kitesurfer is riding with the chicken loop not attached to the rider's harness, fully powering the kite. Unhooking is typically employed when throwing tricks or riding in the surf.
Upwind -  The direction from which the wind is blowing; windward; into the wind.
upwind -  Remonter vers le vent