The dictionary on kitesurfing gives the definition of all the technical terms related to kitesurfing. It is also a glossary that translates the English vocabulary in French kiteboard. Technical terms are explained in detail for a beginner to start kiteboarding in good conditions. It is a practical lexicon to watch again and again as soon as you lack a vocabulary word.

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S-Bend -  C’est un railey combiné avec une rotation 360 complète du corps.
S-bend blind -  S-bend suivi d'un demi-tour en blind side avant de replaquer
S-bend pass -  S-bend blind avec passage de barre en l'air
sandwich (planche) -  Matériaux léger et haut de gamme dont sont faites certaines boards.
Schlogging -  Refers to riding extremely underpowered, where a kitesurfer has just barely enough power to plane. Remedies include switching to a larger kitesurfing kite or using a larger, more efficient kiteboard.
scoop (planche) -  Cintre avant, ou spatule de la planche
Security pin -  The fabric or plastic strap attached to the chicken loop which the rider feeds through the spreader bar hook to prevent from becoming "unhooked".
Send it -  To move the kite aggressively up through the power zone, generating lift.
session -  Séance de kitesurf
Shackle -  A metal clip mechanism than can be used to connect something and also to release it when activated. Some kiters use a schackle on their spreader bar to connect their chicken loop.
shape -  Forme d’une planche ou d’une aile
Shaper -  Is a board maker, who makes boards by hand or in small production runs.
Sheeting -  Changing the angle of the kiteboarding kite relative to the wind.
Sheeting out/in -  Sheeting out decreases the tension on the lines that lead to the edge of the kite to decrease the angle of attack (AOA) and lower the kite's power. Sheeting in has the opposite effect. Sheeting is not possible on a 2 line kite.
Shift System -  A 5 line kite control system used on some Naish kites.
shorebreak -  Vague qui vient se casser très près de la plage, voire sur la plage
Shroud Lines -  Bridle lines are sometimes called shroud lines.
Side onshore -  Wind blowing between sideshore and at a 45 degree angle towards the shore, also quite desirable for kiteboarding.
side shore -  Vent qui vient de côté, vent parallèle à la plage. Un vent side est idéal pour débuter
side-off (vent) -  Vent diagonal sortant
side-on (vent) -  Vent diagonal entrant
Sideshore -  Winds blowing parallel to the shore. Usually the most desirable direction for kitesurfing.
Sine wave -  Flying the kite up and down at the edge of the wind window (which creates a sine wave pattern) to generate more power with apparent wind.
Sining -  Sining the kite means moving it in a sine wave pattern (up and down) to generate apparent wind and increase it's power.
Slasher -  Faire décrocher l'aileron en haut de la vague
SLE -  Short for supported leading edge, an SLE kite has bridles attached to the leading edge.
Sleeving -  Short protective sleeve which covers the ends of a line and helps to prevent wear
Slick -  Flat smooth water
slider -  Glisser en français
sliding transition -  Changer de bord en glissant et en restant sur la même carre
slim chance -  Rotation avant complète du corps suivi d'un handle-pass
Slingshot -  A manufacturer of inflatable kites including the Fuel model
Slogging -  Moving along slowly with the board not fully planing
Snap shackle -  A metal shackle that can be opened by pulling on a release mechanism
sous le vent -  Position qui signifie que l'objet ou la personne de référence est située entre le vent et nous
sous-toilé -  Avoir une aile trop petite par rapport au vent, manquer de vent et donc de puissance dans l'aile
Span -  The kite width, the size of the kite measured at right angles to the wind. Usually the longest dimension of a kite.
Spar -  The sticks used as the frame of a kite. A batten is a spar.
Spectra -  Also known as Dyneema in Europe. It is the standard for flying lines. It is slippery and will allow multiple line wraps without loosing kite control
speed -  Vitesse en français
spi -  Matière dans laquelle est fabriquée l'aile
Spin -  This is a kitesurfing trick where the kiter rotates one or more times during a jump
Spinout -  When a board's fins lose "grip" on the water or stalls, causing the tail to slide sideways
Splice -  The place where two lines are joined together. A splice usually refers to a smooth join of two lines without using a knot. The end of one line is interlaced or runs through the core of another.
spot -  Lieu de pratique du kitesurf
Spreader bar -  A stainless steel bar that attaches to the rider's harness. It has a hook that holds the "chicken loop" when riding hooked in
Stall -  A kite stalls when the air flow past it becomes detached from the kite surface and becomes turbulent. A stalled kite loses lift and falls.
stance -  L'écart entre les straps de la planche.
Starboard -  The right side of a boat, from the perspective of a person looking forward. The opposite of port
Starboard tack -  Sailing on a tack with the wind coming from the starboard side (right side). You are normally kiting on starboard tack if your right hand is forward.
Stomp -  To successfully land a trick
straps -  Partie qui permet de maintenir les pieds sur la planche
Stretch -  The amount a line momentarily lengthens when pulled. Spectra has very low stretch, kevlar has slightly more, nylon has a lot. Stretch affects responsiveness and size of control movements.
Struts -  This is the term used to refer to the inflatable battens in an inflatable kite.
Surf -  A kite surfing riding style that employs the use of a surfboard to ride waves. Done either with straps or strapless, the goal is to allow the kite to drift to create an authentic surf experience
surface pass -  Passer la barre d'une main à l'autre, dans le dos, en glissant sur l'eau
surface pass -  Le rideur passe la barre dans son dos lorsque qu'il est dehooké et qu'il touche l'eau
surtoilé -  Avoir une aile trop grande par rapport au vent, qui a trop de puissance, on est « à la rue »
survente -  C'est une rafale de vent
swell -  Houle en français, elle génère des vagues, dès qu'elle rencontre des fonds peu profonds sur les côtes