The dictionary on kitesurfing gives the definition of all the technical terms related to kitesurfing. It is also a glossary that translates the English vocabulary in French kiteboard. Technical terms are explained in detail for a beginner to start kiteboarding in good conditions. It is a practical lexicon to watch again and again as soon as you lack a vocabulary word.

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nage tractée -  Comme le Body drag. Consiste à se faire tirer par son aile dans l'eau, nage utilisée pour aller chercher sa planche, nage tracté en français
Naish -  A manufacturer of inflatable kites, based in Hawaii. Robby Naish is a legendary windsurfer and an early kite surfer.
Nautical Mile -  Distance at sea is measured in nautical miles, which is 1852 meters, 6067 feet or 1.15 miles
noeud (unité) -  Une des unités qui mesure la force du vent. 1 noeud = 1.852 km/h
North -  A manufacturer of inflatable kites including the Rhino and Toro.
nose -  Nez en français, l’avant de la planche
nose grab -  grab à l'avant de la board
Nose line -  A short line from the nose of the kite (usually the pump leash attachment point) to the 5th line in 5 line kite control systems.
Nosebone -  A trick in which the rider, while in flight, tucks one knee to the chest and extends the other leg straight out in front.
nuclear -  grab à l'avant de la board, déhooké et en faisant monter la jambe arrière