The dictionary on kitesurfing gives the definition of all the technical terms related to kitesurfing. It is also a glossary that translates the English vocabulary in French kiteboard. Technical terms are explained in detail for a beginner to start kiteboarding in good conditions. It is a practical lexicon to watch again and again as soon as you lack a vocabulary word.

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Dawn patrol -  An early morning session. Strong coffee is almost always advised.
dead man -  Figure où le rider met la planche au-dessus de lui, les bras tendus vers le bas
Deadman -  A kitesurfing trick where the kiter hangs upside down during a jump, lets go of the control bar, and hangs their arms downward.
deck -  Le pont en français, le dessus de la planche
dégazer -  Lorsqu'une voile perd de sa puissance. Une voile qui dégaze à toutes les chances d'avoir une bonne plage d'utilisation
Dehooker -  Décrocher le chicken loop de son harnais et avoir toute la puissance de l'aile dans ses bras
dépower -  Le depower c'est la capacité de l'aile à perdre sa puissance en choquant (laisser la barre remonter)
Depower -  The ability to reduce the kite's power, or pull, generally done by adjusting the angle of attack of the kite. Most kites and control bars now allow a rider to rig a kite for a number of different power levels before launching, in addition to powering the kite up and down "on the fly" by moving the bar closer and further away. Depowerability makes a kitesurfing kite much more safe and easy to handle. Most new kites can be depowered to practically zero power, giving them a huge wind range.
Depowering This means letting the kite lines out to release pressure and reduce speed. -  This means letting the kite lines out to release pressure and reduce speed.
Directional -  A kite board that looks like a small windsurfer board or surfboard with footstraps. A directional usually has 3 footstraps. It rides best in one direction and has definite nose and tail ends. A directional board is typically 150 to 220 cm in length.
Donkey stick -  The fabric or plastic strap attached to the chicken loop which the rider feeds through the spreader bar hook to prevent from becoming "unhooked".
double back roll / kiteloop -  Double rotation arrière avec un kiteloop entre les deux rotations
double backroll -  Double rotation arrière
double backroll pass -  Double backroll avec passage de barre en l'air, à la fin du deuxième backroll, de la main arrière à la main avant
double frontroll -  Double rotation avant
double S-bend pass -  Double S-bend avec passage de barre en l'air, à la fin du deuxième S-bend
downloop -  Le kite fait un tour complet durant le saut dans la direction de navigation du rider.
Downloop -  A kiteloop where the kite is first turned downward and then is continued in turning until it goes back against the original direction of travel. The kite direction of travel is rotated 180 degrees.
downloop KGB Indy -  KGB + downloop au départ de la manœuvre
downloop transition -  Faire faire un tour (loop) à son aile par le bas lors d'un saut en transition
Downwind -  The direction the wind is blowing towards, or to leeward. When an individual is facing downwind, the wind is at their back.
Downwinder -  A great day out where a kitesurfer goes on a long journey downwind, with no concern for riding upwind. Coordination with a pick-up or drop-off vehicle is required to prevent getting stranded far downwind of one's starting point.
Drag -  The resistance to movement.
Drift -  The sideways movement due to the action of the wind on the kite
droite (pour une vague) -  Une droite, c’est une vague qui déroule de la droite vers la gauche lorsqu'on regarde vers le large, ou de gauche à droite quand on est dans l’eau et que l’on regarde la plage
Dual Line, 2 Line -  Kite which is flown using 2 lines of equal length which enables the rider to steer the kite right or left.
Dyneema -  Also known as Spectra. It is the standard line for flying lines. It is slippery and will allow multiple line twists without loosing kite control.