The dictionary on kitesurfing gives the definition of all the technical terms related to kitesurfing. It is also a glossary that translates the English vocabulary in French kiteboard. Technical terms are explained in detail for a beginner to start kiteboarding in good conditions. It is a practical lexicon to watch again and again as soon as you lack a vocabulary word.

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C-kite -  The C- kite is the original kitesurfing kite shape, having square corners and pronounced wingtips that form a deep C-shaped arc when flying. It gets its characteristic shape from its lines, which are attached at the four corners of the kite. In more recent years, a fifth line has been added to many designs for better depower and relaunch.
Cable Park -  A place to practice wakeboarding by being pulled with a cable instead of behind a boat. A cable park is a place where mechanical cables pull the rider around the water.
Cabrinha -  A manufacturer of inflatable kites including the Black Tip and the CO2 models.
Camber -  The curvature of an object such as a sail or kite usually used when referring its aerodynamic properties.
Caper -  Remonter au vent
carène -  Le dessous de la planche
carre -  La tranche, l’arête sur les bords de la planche qui permet de cranter
Carre Backside -  Côté talon
Carre Frontside -  Côté orteils
carver -  C'est avoir de solides appuis sur l'eau en crantant à fond. Faire du carving
Cell -  A parafoil is divided up into ribbed compartments called cells.
champs ABS -  Nouvelle technologie empruntée au snowboard. La carre de la planche est identique à celle d'un snow. Les champs ABS sont plus doux et plus solides. C'est la tendance depuis 2010
channels -  Canaux situés sous la carène de la board
Charlotte Consorti -  Voir le profil de la kitesurfeurse Charlotte Consorti
chausse -  Système de fixation des pieds et des chevilles provenant du wakeboard
Chicken loop -  A rubber loop attached to the middle line which has been fed through the control bar. The chicken loop is used to attach the control bar to the harness so the kitesurfer can produce tension in the lines, utilizing their entire body weight instead of purely arm strength.
chicken loop -  Cercle en plastique rigide tout au bout de la barre, auquel on attache le crochet du harnais
Chikara -  A kite material used on some foil kites. It is a nylon cloth.
choquer -  Enlever de la puissance à l'aile en poussant sur la barre
Chord -  This refers to the kite measurement between the leading and trailing edges
clapot -  Petites vaguelettes ne déferlant pas mais gênant la navigation
Closed cell foil -  A closed cell foil has screens in the air cells that let air in, but does not let it escape. Because the one way valves trap the air in the kite, a closed cell foil will hold air when crashed in the water, allowing for it to be relaunched. 
Coefficient of lift, CL -  A measure of how hard a kite pulls relative to its projected size
concave -  Creux donné à la carène pour, en général, augmenter l'amplitude l'aptitude à la vitesse de la planche
contest -  Compétition en français
Control Bar -  It is a long bar used by the kitesurfer to control the kite.
cranter -  Enfoncer, appuyer sur la carre par des appuis ferme, cela sers à remonter au vent, à se freiner, ou à déclencher un saut
Creep -  The amount a line permanently lengthens when pulled. Loosely braided line has a lot of creep, tightly braided has less, linear core line has the least. If all the lines creep evenly, it's pretty much unnoticeable. On inflatable kites the front lines usually creep more than the backs.
Cross Venting -  Holes cut into the individual cells of a foil kite or parafoil to allow air to pass through between the cells.
custom board -  Planche faite sur mesure ou à l'unité par un shaper