50% discount on all Takoon Family products

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Takoon is turning the world of retailing upside down. The kitesurf brand offers to sell all their products online direct to the customers. Online sales will be made through the Takoon-Family club system to the riders. Thanks to this new way of retailing its products, riders will save up to 50% on the price of kites, boards and loads of accessories

Takoon now sells direct to their customers

« Conscious of the evolution in distribution in the last few years, the fast growth of online sales and the rise of kitesurf equipment, Takoon has completely changed the distribution of its products and now only sells online at the “Takoon Family Club” price which directly profits its customers.»

Thanks to Takoon you can now buy some 2016 / 2017 kitesurfing gear for less than second hand gear.

How to get the 50% discount?

In order to get the bargain price you will need to buy a Takoon family member’s card which costs €50. However you can save this €50 by using Univers Kite ‘s Family discount code. Univers Kite works closely with Takoon so you can benefit from this partnership and enjoy the discounted price

How to get the member’s card?

In order to get the Takoon Family card for free, visit the brand website, purchase the card and enter the following sponsorship code : TKC66423540

Become an advocate and earn yourself some vouchers

Thanks to this innovative system of sponsorship in the kitesurf world, once you have your Family card and your advocate code, you can then sponsor other riders and earn yourself vouchers to be used on the Takoon website.

You can find the specifications of the different kites, boards and accessories as well as the member’s discounted prices on the Takoon Family website:

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Find out the details of the discount products on the Takoon Website